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After seeing the Continue Time clock on YouTube I simply HAD to reproduce it in Flash. As it turns out, Johan Bisse Mattsson already beat me to it and (according to one comment by AM) may have inspired Sander Mulder to build his real-life brass and aluminum version. I like Johan’s virtual Hand in Hand clock because you can drag the hands around and watch them flail about. On the other hand, so to speak, it doesn’t show the hours, minutes and seconds when clicked on like mine does. So I’ve got that goin’ for me. 😉

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4 Responses to “Flash Continue Time Clock”

  1. would love to have this as my desktop background/screen saver – any chance?

  2. RedGen says:

    I haven’t (yet) seen this “original”, but i love this. Great stuff

  3. Flash Clock says:

    Ingenious flash clock, i never saw an original and brilliant clock like that, it inspires anyone who see it, i know i am, good job.

    I will ask you one thing, could you spear the source code or the fla file for me and anyone to download? I have a blog where i share flash clocks i create, and i wanted to study your source code to produce a clock based on your work, i would really appreciate.

  4. AM says:

    Hehe, interesting. A Flash reproduction of something that was originally in Flash to begin with!

    I think you ought to link to designer Johan Bisse Mattsson’s Hand in Hand Clock though ( http://www.handinhandclock.com ). Yes, Sander Mulder states he came up with the idea independently for Continue Time, but even if this is the case The Hand in Hand Clock was publicly released (and featured on several prominent design blogs) months before Sander’s wall clock, and when it comes down to it that does afford Mr. Mattsson with some intellectual property rights.

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