Butterfly and Zebra Skin

I have this thing for black and white patterns.

Click the butterfly.

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If you like the striped background pattern you can download large format “Zebra Skin” images here.

6 Responses to “Butterfly and Zebra Skin”

  1. Tran Nguyen says:

    I want to write a function in actionscript to draw a butterfly for example above, it can be done? If possible, please guide me, please help me.thank you

  2. Adam Rhinehart says:


    May I have the code for the butterfly cursor?


  3. masphei says:

    may I ask the code of flying butterfly??

  4. zebra skin says:

    This will drop your eyes off. I suggest a motion blur to make people even more crazy.

  5. Joga Luce says:

    Nice, I’m always a fan of graphics that make me dizzy :3

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