“Walkthroughs” added to PageFlip Tutorials

I’ve added a bunch of video walk-throughs to some of the more challenging PageFlip tutorials on this site.

Please let me know if you find them useful or if there’s anything I could do to improve them.

4 Responses to ““Walkthroughs” added to PageFlip Tutorials”

  1. Tung says:

    Hi, could you please make it auto flip

    Thank you.

  2. bhagwat says:

    i want go to 2nd page topic button click by direct 5th page so how to go 5th page by clicking topic button

  3. Hayley says:

    Great PageFlip tutorial, helped me so much with a University project I am currently working on.

    Thanks again, huge help and it looks really good!


  4. Misuzu says:

    Hi, i followed your’e pageflip tutorial, and it was very usefull.

    but i have one little problem. I changed it so it’s now my own, but now i have to know with which settings i should export so i can put it on my website.

    Can you help me? Let me know as fast as possible please

    Thank you,


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