Change Page Color of PageFlip (Walkthrough)

This walkthrough demonstrates how to change the page color of the Flash PageFlip.

You can also follow along with the written Change Page Color of PageFlip tutorial.

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One Response to “Change Page Color of PageFlip (Walkthrough)”

  1. gergana says:

    Hi there,
    thank you for your free page flip .fla, it saved my job… My boss wanted such thing for an invitation to e-mail to people, and wouldn’t understand, that it is hardly a small single file to dispatch and readable by all; he wouldn’t upgrade to cs4 (we are still proud possessors of CS3), he wouldn’t give money for a pdf to flash converter, he just kept saying that if I can’t make it somehow, I’m incompetent. Although my job description does not include knowing Flash or stealing software… How about that? I am hardly familiar with flash, so I couldn’t make it myself. But your explanations in your video tutorials are so clear, that I managed. Thank you.
    That was yesterday. And today I wanted to see your video for repositioning the book, and there seems to be smthing wrong: instead of a start button I see a piece of coding… A pity. Hope this site is not abandoned

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