Ajax Edit Comments, New Features Added

A few days ago I reviewed Ajax Edit Comments for WordPress and I really liked what I saw. Since that time the plugin developer Ronald Huereca has stopped by, listened to what people had to say, left a comment explaining his choices, and then promptly released his next version for evaluation. The new Ajax Edit Comments 2.1 Pre-Release Candidate is out and ready to be tested.

If you’re a WordPress blogger, I highly recommend installing this plugin to ease and simplify comment editing for both site administrators and site visitors. Plus if you try AEC RC 2.1 right now, there’s a pretty good chance that your reasonable feature request will make it into the next version of the plugin.

Give it a try, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

PixelWit: The Early Animations

They say, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” so I thought I’d flatter Senocular a bit by stealing his “Senocular-The College Years” concept and showing you 2 of my “early” (i.e. bad) animations.

My first early animation is called “Ouch” and I’m proud to say that it’s brilliantly awful. It follows the travels, travails and tribulations of a man with dangerous ideas in the midst of dangerous times. Deemed far too dangerous for society he is forced to pay the price. Did I mention the bit about danger and whatnot? Yes, yes indeed, Danger!

It is with great pleasure that I bring you, “Ouch”:
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Ajax Edit Comments, WordPress Plugin Review

I recently installed the WordPress Ajax Edit Comments plugin and I have to tell you that I’m quite impressed with Ronald Huereca’s work. The Ajax Edit Comments (AEC) plugin makes editing comments super simple for site visitors and administrators.

Setting up the AEC plugin is a breeze thanks to a clean administration interface featuring a wide variety of well explained options. Once installed, WordPress administrators who log into the Comments Administration section will see a new “Edit” link next to every comment (red highlight added for emphasis):

Ajax Edit Comments Admin Interface

Pressing the “Edit” link brings up an Ajax window like the one below:
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RSS Feed Length, Partial or Full?

How much text should be in an RSS feed?

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According to my FeedStats plugin, PixelWit.com’s RSS feeds are accessed an average of 194 times a day. I’m not sure, but I’m guessing this translates to approximately 4 human readers and about 190 spambots. 😉

If you happen to be one of my few human RSS subscribers you might have noticed a new change in my RSS feed’s format. This is due to a recent WordPress upgrade which forces RSS feed publishers to choose between either truncating all articles at a set number of words or publishing the entire article’s text. As you may guess, I’m not particularly fond of either option.

Truncating all feeds at a predetermined word count can lead to awkward line breaks which abruptly halt sentences before the reader even has a chance to
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Hexadecimal Color Fading Array

A while ago I wrote a Hexadecimal Color Fading Tutorial explaining how to select a single color at any point on a gradient between two specified colors. In that tutorial there was a function which efficiently broke each of the 2 specified colors into their Red, Green and Blue components and then calculated a single new color at a specified point between them.

Here's what the code looks like: ...
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How to Draw a Logarithmic Spiral

What is a Logarithmic spiral? A logarithmic spiral steps around center at an additive rate while stepping away from center at a multiplicative rate. Increasing the distance from center at a multiplicative rate causes the arm of a logarithmic spiral to increase in size as it gets further from center. To illustrate, take a look at this photo of a spiral staircase:

bottom-up view
Photo by: darijus

As you can see in the above photo, the number of steps
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Input Devices

How do you best interact with your computer? Do you shun your keyboard like me? Are you a designer who’d do anything rather than give up your drawing tablet? Are you a keyboard master, able to reach the most absurd of shortcut key combinations? Do you talk to your computer?

Which computer input devices do you use well?

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