Spin the Black Circle Rotation Bug

It’s not often that 2 disparate articles on PixelWit.com coincide so I thought I’d tell you about my recent experience.

In my Ten Fun Flash Games article I mentioned a game called Spin the Black Circle. In another article about my experience with a Flash Rotation Bug I said, “I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about this particular bug since the conditions which cause it would seem fairly common.” Well guess what…. The Flash Rotation bug can also be found in the Spin the Black Circle game.

If you happen to know the developer Alejandro Guillen and would like to tell him about it, or if you just want to see the bug for yourself you can do the following
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Eels to Urchins Game Updated: Best Scores

Eels to Urchins now keeps track of the 15 best scores. I currently have the lowest score (12,982) but it shouldn’t be too tough for someone else to beat it. Test your skills and see where you stand.

This is my first time implementing “High Scores” in a game so drop a comment if you see anything weird or out of the ordinary.

How to Draw a Spiral

This tutorial covers the basic concepts needed to draw a simple spiral with ActionScript. A “simple spiral” or an “Archimedean spiral” is created by moving ‘away from’ and ‘around‘ a central point at a constant additive rate. If that sounds a bit foreign to you, don’t worry it’s nothing new. If you’ve coiled a hose or rope on a flat surface, you have experience working with Archimedean spirals.

Archimedean Spiral
(Photo by Paul Needham)

The most notable characteristic of the simple spiral above is that each coil (a full rotation around center) will always increase the spiral’s radius by the same amount (the width of the rope).

Now that you understand what a simple spiral is, I’d like to jump ahead a bit and show you the final state of our code:
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Eels to Urchins Game Updated Again

The Eels to Urchins Flash game has been updated again. Latest changes include:

  • Ability to reset statistics.
  • New levels.
  • Eels start in a variety of patterns.
  • Eels flee from center at start.

The following images show some of the new patterns:

Try the latest version of Eels to Urchins.

FlexBuilder 3: The First Thing You See

After experiencing some minor FlexBuilder 3 installation troubles (my fault) I finally got a little time to fire-up FlexBuilder and check it out.

My first impression was that it looked pretty slick, the layout seemed coherent and I wasn’t seeing loads of useless screen space. That’s good. I poked around a little, plopped some components on the stage, toggled between Design and Code view to see how one affected the other, and generally clicked on any tab or panel I could find. Neato.

After letting my mouse roam all over FlexBuilder 3 like a teenager’s hands on a prom date I decided to try a slightly more refined approach to getting acquainted
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