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Butterfly and Zebra Skin

I have this thing for black and white patterns.

Click the butterfly.

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Flash Continue Time Clock

After seeing the Continue Time clock on YouTube I simply HAD to reproduce it in Flash. As it turns out, Johan Bisse Mattsson already beat me to it and (according to one comment by AM) may have inspired Sander Mulder to build his real-life brass and aluminum version. I like Johan’s virtual Hand in Hand clock because you can drag the hands around and watch them flail about. On the other hand, so to speak, it doesn’t show the hours, minutes and seconds when clicked on like mine does. So I’ve got that goin’ for me. 😉

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Drawing a Closed Arc Shape

This tutorial provides the ActionScript needed to draw a “Closed Arc” which is my way of describing the solid shape created by connecting a pair of concentric arcs with 2 straight lines. Here’s an illustration to explain:

(If you’re new to drawing arcs I suggest reading my previous circle and arc tutorials for an introduction to trigonometry in Flash.)

In my standard arc drawing tutorial I explained the following ActionScript code
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Flash Scripted Conic Angle Gradient

One of the quirkier aspects of Flash is its lack of a 'conic' gradient fill. The conic gradient has been a mainstay of drawing apps like CorelDraw and Photoshop (where it's called an "Angle Gradient") for ages but Flash still hasn't implemented this basic feature. Go ahead and check... it's not there.

NOTE: This tutorial uses some of the code and concepts from my previous Color Gradient and Circle Drawing tutorials so I highly recommend checking them out for a more in-depth explanation of the following code ...
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Animated Arc Drawing

A recent comment on my Oval Drawing Tutorial asks how to “give the appearance that an oval is being drawn slowly”. Hmmm… this sounds like a job for my handy Arc Drawing Function.

Slowly drawing (or revealing) a circle can be achieved by drawing arcs of an ever-increasing size until the arc is so big that it comes back to the beginning and makes a full circle. The same is true with ovals. First let’s take a look at the basic code for drawing an arc of a circle
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Oval Overkill

This black and white oval pattern goes along with “Squarshed Squares“.

Rotated Oval Tutorial

rotated oval

Making the transition from drawing circles to drawing ovals is pretty simple but when you need to go from drawing ovals to drawing rotated ovals, you might run into a few problems. This article documents some of the pitfalls I encountered and presents them as a learning experience. If you just want some solid code to draw rotated ovals or twisted ellipses, skip ahead to the end of the article and copy the last block of code. If you think you might gain from my experience then by all means… read on.
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