Improved Flash PageFlip Released

The Improved PageFlip has some of the most commonly requested page flipping features. Take a look at this:

  • TurnTo” command lets you flip directly to any page with the single press of a button.
  • FlipTo” command automatically flips through all intermediate pages until reaching a specific page with the press of a button.
  • TurnBack” and “TurnAhead” commands allow simple navigation via Forward and Back buttons.
  • All 4 corners of the book are interactive, rather than just the bottom two.
  • Plus Much Much More!

Click Here for more Improved PageFlip features.

9 Responses to “Improved Flash PageFlip Released”

  1. Kelvin says:

    Is this written in AS3 please ?

  2. Z-247 says:

    First off, thanks for making such a great product available and supporting it so well. I’m working with the Improved PageFlip fla, and have one little nitpick that I can’t figure out.

    I’ve resized the pages to be rather big/wide (792×612 each), and the corner curling effect seems to have suffered for it. I have a screenshot if needed, but basically the tips of the triangle stick out past the edges of the page, which breaks the illusion a little bit. Also, the gray shade bar is (scaled?) a bit thick for the size of the corner effect, and looks a lot like a big line just pasted there.

    I’m guessing this’ll just require some math tweaks to get it right, which I’ll happily do myself. But since a lot of the Improved PageFlip code’s variables aren’t really spelled out, I’m hoping you can point me towards the right function to get me started (I’d guess it’ll be something with BLB, BRB, the ODR equation and ?)

    Thanks for your help,


  3. Pixelwit says:

    @Derms, 1) The Improved PageFlip has TurnTo and FlipTo functions. TurnTo will take you directly to any page with one flip. You can place the Turnto action on any button in the book or outside of it. 2) The image effect is done with ThickBox JavaScript.

  4. Derms says:

    PageFlip is amazing. Thanks for all the time and effort that you put into it!

    A couple of questions:

    1) I have the book broken down into Chapters and I want to use the FlipTo command so I can quickly go to the beginning of any chapter (Ideally, with the pages quickly turning to get there). However, I want the button outside of the book. Is this possible? Of course, I will purchase if I know it can be done.

    2) Also, I like the effect that your website has for screenshots (click and it enlarges and darkens the rest of the window) like the one on this page. How do you create that effect?

    I’m new to web design, so I’m learning all the software as I go


  5. Hyper says:

    Thanks for the reply and for the fix. One more stupid question, can you post a video so we can see the improved version of pageflip in action.. 🙂 i think it would be nice and it will bring a lot of people to buy the code…


  6. Pixelwit says:

    @Hyper, The screenshot has been fixed. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. 🙂

  7. Hyper says:

    Hi the screenshot is not accesible, can i see this before i buy?

  8. Dean says:

    Can you post some screen shot please?

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