Improved PageFlip

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Improved PageFlip
This Flash file is for people who are comfortable using PixelWit’s Free PageFlip yet want a more dynamic PageFlip experience.

Check out these great new features:

  • TurnTo” command lets you flip directly to any page with the single press of a button.
  • FlipTo” command automatically flips through all intermediate pages until reaching a specific page with the press of a button.
  • TurnBack” and “TurnAhead” commands allow simple navigation via Forward and Back buttons.
  • One click page turning. Click any corner to automatically flip the page. Although dragging is no longer necessary it’s still functional.
  • All 4 corners of the book are clickable, rather than just the bottom two.
  • Sound effect of page flipping with option to adjust the volume or turn it off.
  • More realistic and natural motion due to page easing.
  • Underlying pages revealed when rolling over corner buttons.
  • Easily remove buttons from the page corners if desired.
  • Optional external preloader simplifies file structure and eliminates the need to place Print clips on the stage.
  • Includes instructions explaining all new features and settings.

Price: $12.50

The Improved PageFlip will be sent to you immediately after your transaction is complete. Please contact me if you experience any difficulty placing your order.

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