About Me

“Making Flash Go” alludes to the fact that I was kindly mentioned in “ActionScript Animation: Making Things Move” by Keith Peters.

If you know what you want Flash to do but you don’t know how to make it happen, I may be able to bring your Flash concepts to life.

  • I helped Royal Mail make an ad campaign more interactive.
  • I helped KnowledgePlanet attract investors.
  • I helped Damien Lovegrove present his award winning photography.
  • I helped Jozias Dawson make a menu system unlike any other.
  • I helped Prototype Industries stand out from a crowd.
  • I helped Nioute.co.uk make things work to his exacting specifications.
  • I helped Zenith Ceilings display their products in a realistic 3D environment.

Fulfilling your vision could be as simple as letting me help you today.


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