Reposition, Rotate or Scale the PageFlip

I’m frequently asked how to rotate, scale or otherwise move the PageFlip around on the stage so I decided to write this tutorial explaining how I usually go about transforming the Flash Page Flip effect.

You can watch a video walk-through illustrating every detail of this “Reposition, Rotate or Scale the PageFlip” tutorial.

To avoid any confusion, it’s important that you work with an original version of the Free Page Flip FLA file when following this tutorial.

Once you have opened the file in Flash, do the following:

  1. Drag the Timeline’s red PlayHead to frame #11.
  2. Select the small cross in the middle of the stage. This is the Pages movieclip.
  3. From the menu choose Modify>>ConvertToSymbol.
  4. In the “Name” field type something like “Book Clip”, select the “MovieClip” option and set the Registration point to the middle of the clip, and then press “OK”.
  5. While the new Book Clip is still selected, go to the Properties panel and give it a new instance name like “MyBook”.
  6. Double-click the Book Clip to begin editing it.
  7. Create a new layer beneath Layer 1 and name it something like “Book Bounds”.
  8. Draw a rectangle on the new Book Bounds layer.
  9. Resize the rectangle so it is the same height as a single page (300) and twice its width (400). *If you need to change the page width or height you can refer to the tutorial explaining how to change the page size.
  10. Align the rectangle on the Book Bounds layer to the center of the stage.
  11. Double-click an empty space on the stage to go back to editing the main timeline “Scene 1”.
  12. Reposition, rotate or scale the Book Clip as you wish.
  13. Publish the SWF and view the results.
  14. Double-click the Book Clip to edit its content.
  15. Right-click the Book Bounds layer and turn it into a guide layer.
  16. If using the Improved PageFlip, change the code on the buttons to reflect the new name of the Pages clip (i.e. change “Pages.turnAhead();” to “MyBook.Pages.turnAhead();”).
  17. Publish the SWF to see the new results.

That’s it. Now you know how to transform the Book Clip just like any other Flash movieclip.

23 Responses to “Reposition, Rotate or Scale the PageFlip”

  1. Ali says:


    Thank You for your wonderful “PageFlip_NoTypos.fla”.

    I try to make a change, but i don’t succeed :
    I’d like to flip the pages only by clicking (not dragging) the right (or left) button …

    Could you please help me ?
    Thanks a lot

  2. Kate says:


    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing PageFlip! I’ve got the Improved PageFlip, and I’m trying to scale the book by following your tutor above. But I can’t find the code on the bottons that you were talking about on step 16.

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