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I’m not sure what to say about the Google advertisement placed near my recent Chicken Soup Incident article:

Pot: Buy, Sell or Hold?

Pot: Buy, Sell or Hold?
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Context Search Plugin for FireFox

Results from a previous poll indicate that very few visitors use a toolbar when browsing. I don’t use one either, but there’s one FireFox plugin that I absolutely have to have. It’s called Context Search and I like it so much that it’s the first FireFox plugin that I reinstall after a catastrophic hard drive failure. 😉 This simple little (9k) tool helps you easily research terms found within a web page.

Here’s how it works, let’s say you’re minding your own business, reading your favorite blog, when all of a sudden, WHAM! you run into an unfamiliar word like “apoptosis”. Quick, what do you do?
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Browser Toolbars

Do you use a browser toolbar? If so, which one? If you use a toolbar that isn’t on the list leave a comment to let me know about it.

Which browser toolbar do you use?

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Still Baffled by Thermodynamics

Those who know me, know that I make some bad-assed Buffalo chicken wings. It’s a hobby of sorts. Well lately I’ve been saving the very tips of the wings (gross nasty parts you don’t want to eat) to make chicken soup. The idea is to boil the wing tips in water for a while, wait until everything breaks down, strain out the yucky chunks and VOILA! you’re left with a yummy yummy chicken broth. At least that’s the theory anyway…

Things were progressing rather smoothly, I’d boiled the wing-tips for a couple hours, let everything cool down and strained the chunks of chicken bits from the broth. Unfortuantely the act of removing the chicken chunks caused all the yucky little fat droplets to mix back in with the broth. I’m not a big fan of fat so I figured I’d heat the broth again until the fats and oils coalesced on top, cool the whole thing down, and then skim off the hardened fats. Seems like a good idea, right?
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Downgrading from Adobe CS3

I’ve written about Flash CS3 wasting screen space and Flash CS3 dropping PDF file import features but my humble little articles didn’t receive much attention. Well, today I read that the creator of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, (i.e. a bigshot) has abandoned DreamWeaver CS3 and gone back to using DreamWeaver 8. Not only that, but many of his blog readers have done or will do the same.

Of course I realize that one other blog post doesn’t necessarily validate all my criticisms of CS3 but I find it consoling to know I’m not the only one to balk at the latest incarnation of Adobe’s CS3 tools.

Why do I think this is important? This is similar to
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Box Bender

Here’s something to vacantly stare at while pretending to work.

Clicking will cycle through dark, bright and all colors.

Adobe PDF and Flash CS3 “Integration”

Here are two direct quotes from Adobe’s web site…

  1. PDF: “Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) lets you capture and view robust information—from any application, on any computer system—and share it with anyone around the world.”
  2. CS3: “Revolutionary integration – in editions for web, design, and video, and the all encompassing Master Collection – means you can flow across and within applications, in virtually any medium.”

So riddle me this my caped Flashers… Why can’t Flash CS3 import a PDF file? Flash 8 could import PDF files
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