Top Adobe Flash Complaints

What bothers you the most about Adobe Flash? What’s your biggest gripe? Take the poll below and select up to 10 of your most annoying Flash issues.

What are your Top Adobe Flash Complaints?

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4 Fun Flash Games

These fun Flash games have great time-wasting potential. One game has been a favorite of mine for a few years and it’s fair to say I’ve lost more than a few days playing it. Give these puzzles and brain-teasers a try, you might find a new favorite Flash game of your own.


Net Flash GameNet by Pavils Jurjans

Once I got the hang of this game I found it to be as addictive as simultaneously smoking crack and popping bubble wrap. The goal is to spin as few tiles as necessary so every red device has a path leading back to the center square. The key to getting a high score is to solve the puzzle without making any extra turns (which you can do because every game has a logical solution and you’re never forced to guess). I haven’t found a game that couldn’t be solved yet and I’ve played MANY times. In fact, I’ve played so many times that on a good day I can finish the biggest boards in about 2.5 minutes in “Normal” mode and 5 minutes in “Wrapping” mode without going over the “Minimum Turns”. Can you beat that?

99 Bricks99 Bricks

This playful little game is a cross between Tetris and Jenga. The seemingly simple goal is to stack the pieces as high as possible but the 2D physics engine makes it a little more challenging than you might expect.

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Flash Continue Time Clock

After seeing the Continue Time clock on YouTube I simply HAD to reproduce it in Flash. As it turns out, Johan Bisse Mattsson already beat me to it and (according to one comment by AM) may have inspired Sander Mulder to build his real-life brass and aluminum version. I like Johan’s virtual Hand in Hand clock because you can drag the hands around and watch them flail about. On the other hand, so to speak, it doesn’t show the hours, minutes and seconds when clicked on like mine does. So I’ve got that goin’ for me. 😉

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Adobe: Bait ‘n Wait

Before I tell you why Adobe sucks so hard, envision this scenario…

Somebody’s birthday party is fast approaching and you need to get a present before the day ends. This particular somebody happens to like jewelry so, as common sense would have it, you go to a jewelry store to buy a nice gift. Inside the store you see many great products on display. You’re free to take them out and try them on but of course you have to give them back if you’re not going to buy them. After a little browsing, you find the perfect gift. You might think your shopping experience is about to come to a delightful conclusion but unfortunately you’re troubles are just getting started.

You tell the clerk behind the counter that you’ve found the perfect gift and that you’re ready to conclude the transaction. You point to the jewelry behind the glass
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FullScreen OnMouseMove Bug

stinkbugHere’s an interesting fact: Going to FullScreen mode causes Flash to temporarily stop executing all onMouseMove events.

I’m sure if someone from Adobe was pressed hard enough they might be able to provide some convoluted ~logical~ reasons why going into full-screen mode stops all onMouseMove events but I’m not buying it. I wasted a few frustrating hours figuring this out and when I searched the web to confirm my suspicions I found no mention of this “feature” so I’m calling it what it is, a BUG.

Here, take a look at this ugly SWF (move your mouse around to draw a line whenever the OnMouseMove event is fired and then press the blue square to toggle fullScreen mode)
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Kind Words Always Welcome

Quill and Ink

Sometimes a nice unsolicited letter can really make your day. Today was such a day for me. I love taking a break from editing code to read a message like the following:

  • Dear Sir, I’m merely writing to express my sincere thanks for your Flash generosity.

    I was meaning to email you after I played around with your free PageFlip because it in itself is incredible that it’s free, but having just bought the Improved PageFlip, I now have an even more inclination to send you my sincere thanks.

    The updates are exactly what I am looking for and without your freeness/low-price-ness, there would have been no way I could have done this thing on my own.

    You, Sir, are one bad ass dude that 1) you can do this, 2) you can do it this well, and 3) you have the balls to give something worth so much practically for free. I certainly can see why someone would send you pumpernickel bread, and if I could bake I’d do exactly the same!

    Thanks again! And I will most certainly drop a donation every time I use this for a client.


    R. W.

Thanks R.W., you’ve made my day
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Which “Level” Of Undo Do You Use

To further explore my curiosity of Flash users and their various Undo habits, today I’m inquiring about your Undo “levels”.

Which "level" of undo do you use?

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If you’re not sure what I mean by “Undo levels”, here’s how Adobe explains it:

Document-level undo maintains a single list of all your actions for the entire Flash document. Object-level undo maintains separate lists of your actions for each object in your document. Object-level lets you undo an action on one object without having to also undo actions on other objects that might have been modified more recently than the target object.”

You can check which level of Undo you’re currently using by
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