Adobe Chopping Heads

Current state of affairs at Adobe:

The most relevant quote from Adobe’s financial report:

The Company cited weaker-than-expected demand for its new Creative Suite 4 family of products that began shipping in Q4 in North America and Europe as the main cause for the shortfall in fourth quarter revenue.

So why do you think CS4 isn’t selling? Is it the lack of a decent Undo Button? 😉 Is it the pricing structure? Is it because they’ve lost touch with their users?
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How Do You Undo?

In my opinion, one of the greatest things about a computer is that you can always go back and fix your past mistakes and for that reason the Undo button is my favoritest button of all.

When using Flash, how do you undo?

How do you undo? (pick all that apply)

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Drawing a Closed Arc Shape

This tutorial provides the ActionScript needed to draw a “Closed Arc” which is my way of describing the solid shape created by connecting a pair of concentric arcs with 2 straight lines. Here’s an illustration to explain:

(If you’re new to drawing arcs I suggest reading my previous circle and arc tutorials for an introduction to trigonometry in Flash.)

In my standard arc drawing tutorial I explained the following ActionScript code
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CPAUG – Nov 08 Links

Here are some links related to the Nov. 08 CPAUG meeting:

Physics for Flash:

Flash Games Using 2D Physics:

Other Fun Flash Games:

Hope you find it handy.

Adobe CS4 Logo Fail?

I wanted to write about the release of Flash CS4 so naturally I went to Adobe’s home page looking for a copy of their new CS4 logo to paste into my article. But much to my surprise, the CS4 logo was nowhere to be found. Various glyphs, runes, icons or elements representing other software applications were liberally scattered throughout Adobe’s site but I couldn’t find a single image with the new CS4 logo.

Is Adobe ashamed of their new logo?

They might be
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PageFlip Version Detection Fix

Unfortunately the release of Adobe Flash Player 10 has revealed a weakness in my version detection code. As a result, the pageflip SWF will fail to load and viewers will be prompted to download the Flash 6 Player. Fortunately there are 2 quick fixes
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How Good is Your Eye?

This neat little Flash app tests your ability to eyeball (estimate) geometric angles and distances and then compares your results to the last 10,000 people who took the test.

I got the following results:

Parallelogram 7.6 3.2 6.1
Midpoint 1.4 7.3 4.5
Bisect angle 0.9 4.8 3.5
Triangle center 2.2 1.2 3.0
Circle center 5.1 1.0 1.4
Right angle 5.5 0.6 4.2
Convergence 10.0 2.0 6.4

Average error: 3.90 (lower is better)

How did you do?

Do you think this sort of skill correlates to your design sensibility in any way or helps you perform design related tasks?

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