Oval Overkill

This black and white oval pattern goes along with “Squarshed Squares“.

Rotated Oval Tutorial

rotated oval

Making the transition from drawing circles to drawing ovals is pretty simple but when you need to go from drawing ovals to drawing rotated ovals, you might run into a few problems. This article documents some of the pitfalls I encountered and presents them as a learning experience. If you just want some solid code to draw rotated ovals or twisted ellipses, skip ahead to the end of the article and copy the last block of code. If you think you might gain from my experience then by all means… read on.
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Adobe AIR Installed?

I know the Adobe’s SWF Player is installed on 99.9% of computers, but what about Adobe Air?

Have you installed Adobe Air?

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How to Draw an Oval

Drawing an oval or ellipse is about as easy as drawing a circle with ActionScript. When drawing a circle you only need one measurement for the circle’s radius but when drawing an oval you need to provide 2. One for the Width of the oval and one for its Height. But before I get too far ahead, let’s take a look at the basic circle drawing code used to draw a simple circle
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CPAUG July 30th Meeting

I must preface this post by stating, “I suck at remembering names.”

So having said that…

Squarshed Squares

I needed an interesting new linear texture so I made this SWF to generate rectangular shapes with the following characteristics:

  • All corners of each rectangular shape align on a single “X” pattern.
  • The “X” crosses through the center of an invisible rectangle with 90 degree corners.
  • The 90 degree corners are each located at the middle of their respective corner areas.

Getting everything to work the way I wanted was a bit more complicated than I initially expected.  The code for the above SWF looks like this: ...
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What are You?

What are you?

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