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LogoI’ve mentioned my fondness for FireFox FireBug before so when I read about the 5 Best FireBug Plugins I knew I had to share the news. It seems FireBug is popular enough to warrant its own subset of “plugins” or “extensions”. Nifty.

Out of the 5 available plugins:

  • YSlow: Creates a report grading the speed of any site.
  • FireCookie: Lets you inspect and modify the cookies a site is using.
  • FirePHP: A PHP Debugging tool used to examine PHP header data.
  • PixelPerfect:Overlays a transparent image guide to help tweak CSS.
  • Rainbow: Color coding for scripts inside FireBug.

I found YSlow from Yahoo! to be the most interesting. YSlow uses 13 rules to grade your page’s performance and presents the results in a well-formatted series of tabbed views. When combined with the information found in Yahoo!’s Best Practices for High Performance Web Sites this FireBug plugin will definitely help you understand why your page is loading slowly.

The Terrible Truth About LOL Cats!

Industry insiders recently uncovered raw footage revealing the aftermath of an LOL Cat photo-shoot. The images graphically depict what happens to kittens and cats after they’ve outlived their cuteness and “captionability”.

Eye-witnesses describe the lifeless cats and kittens found precariously posed in peculiar places as both “disturbing” and “heartbreaking”. Kitty corpses were haphazardly distributed throughout the otherwise normal suburban home in various places such as: boxes, ceilings, computer cases, buckets and even mason jars. Reports of deceased felines being “stacked like cordwood” outside the home are yet to be confirmed
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Abloatbe? Bloatdobe? Adobloatme?

Sometimes I wonder where Adobe plans to lead the ubiquitous SWF file and its associated software. Hopefully it will never be as “BLOATED” as Adobe’s PDF Viewer.

Adobe Reader‘s large file size seems a bit excessive when you consider the fact that most PDFs can be “printed” to SWF files which in turn can be viewed with the comparatively minuscule SWF player.

Better Feeds Plugin for WordPress

When I talked about customizing the length of your WordPress feed I mentioned that I was using the More Feed Excerpt plugin in an effort to force WordPress to split RSS feeds at the “more” tag.  After talking to the developer of the More Feed Excerpt plugin, George Notaras, I decided to take his advice and give version 1.99 of Ozh’ Better Feed plugin a try.

At that time it would be fair to say the Better Feed plugin was quite rough or “unpolished” at the very least.  All of the features worked but the lack of an administrative interface forced you to dig deep into the PHP code to edit variables and template text.  The plugin included a function to put related Categories in the RSS feed’s footer but I had to cobble together my own function to display a list of related Tags.

BUT… fortunately for you version 2.0 of the Better Feed plugin has just been released and it provides a great new admin interface and a Related Tags feature
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Going Mobile

Believe it or not, I’m a fairly low-tech guy who doesn’t even own a laptop or a cell phone, but I’m looking to change all of that and I need your help.  I’d like to get some new portable electronic equipment so I can access the web while on the road.

So far, I think I need:

  • A cell phone.
  • A laptop.
  • A GPS.
  • Maybe a camera for decent still images.
  • Any combination of the above.

Do you love your laptop?  Are you silly for your cell phone?  Gaga for your GPS?  Crazy for your camera?  If you have some recommendations for this Traveling-Tech-Neophyte I’d appreciate any advice you could give.  No insight too small.  Thanks.

Hurling Hues

My front page had WAY too much boring black and white text so I thought I’d “throw-up” some colorful images from the SWF used in the Hexadecimal Color Fading Array article. I like how almost any 3 random colors seem to go together well when used in a gradient.

Comment Policy, Do You Need One?

After writing 2 posts about the Ajax Edit Comments WordPress plugin, and receiving an e-mail from a reader who was wondering why I was editing comments, I thought it was salient point in time to develop a comment policy for But where should I begin?

The first thing I did was read a bunch of articles about blog comment policies like:

Then I ‘perused’ (the literal sense of the word, look it up if you must) approximately a dozen comment policy examples like these
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