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Top Adobe Flash Complaints

What bothers you the most about Adobe Flash? What’s your biggest gripe? Take the poll below and select up to 10 of your most annoying Flash issues.

What are your Top Adobe Flash Complaints?

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Adobe: Bait ‘n Wait

Before I tell you why Adobe sucks so hard, envision this scenario…

Somebody’s birthday party is fast approaching and you need to get a present before the day ends. This particular somebody happens to like jewelry so, as common sense would have it, you go to a jewelry store to buy a nice gift. Inside the store you see many great products on display. You’re free to take them out and try them on but of course you have to give them back if you’re not going to buy them. After a little browsing, you find the perfect gift. You might think your shopping experience is about to come to a delightful conclusion but unfortunately you’re troubles are just getting started.

You tell the clerk behind the counter that you’ve found the perfect gift and that you’re ready to conclude the transaction. You point to the jewelry behind the glass
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FullScreen OnMouseMove Bug

stinkbugHere’s an interesting fact: Going to FullScreen mode causes Flash to temporarily stop executing all onMouseMove events.

I’m sure if someone from Adobe was pressed hard enough they might be able to provide some convoluted ~logical~ reasons why going into full-screen mode stops all onMouseMove events but I’m not buying it. I wasted a few frustrating hours figuring this out and when I searched the web to confirm my suspicions I found no mention of this “feature” so I’m calling it what it is, a BUG.

Here, take a look at this ugly SWF (move your mouse around to draw a line whenever the OnMouseMove event is fired and then press the blue square to toggle fullScreen mode)
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Quill and Ink

The following endorsements and pageflip reviews are from satisfied customers who have purchased PixelWit’s Improved PageFlip:

  • Dear Sir, I’m merely writing to express my sincere thanks for your Flash generosity.

    I was meaning to email you after I played around with your free PageFlip because it in itself is incredible that it’s free, but having just bought the Improved PageFlip, I now have an even more inclination to send you my sincere thanks.

    The updates are exactly what I am looking for and without your freeness/low-price-ness, there would have been no way I could have done this thing on my own.

    You, Sir, are one bad ass dude that 1) you can do this, 2) you can do it this well, and 3) you have the balls to give something worth so much practically for free. I certainly can see why someone would send you pumpernickel bread, and if I could bake I’d do exactly the same!

    Thanks again! And I will most certainly drop a donation every time I use this for a client.


    R. W.

  • I’ve used the PixelWit page flip (both original and improved) in a variety of projects over the last two years, and of all the page flip packages out there, this is by far the best bang for the buck. Well organized and documented, it takes only a little scripting knowledge to bend it to your will, and I’ve found it able to suit pretty much all of my needs. The improved version is quite seriously the best $12.50 I’ve spent online this year!

    And yes, you can quote me on that.

    – M. L., Interactive Art Director

  • PageFlip is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to make a page flipping website. After scouring the Internet for hours looking at several different PageFlip applications at various prices (one as much as $400), I discovered PageFlip and chose the Improved version as the method for developing a website for my client, a prominent charity.

    I could not have been more pleased. Improved PageFlip contains everything a basic page-flipper website should need. It works flawlessly. I was able to easily customize the size, placement, etc. with little or no trouble and build a completely custom website that fit my clients’ exact specifications. And I was able to turn the website around in just three weeks, including laying out a 54 page booklet. When one modification was needed in the Actionscript to change the corner buttons, the support from Pixelwit was exemplary.

    I highly recommend Improved PageFlip for anyone who wants to build a page flipper website. There is no better method that I have seen available, and the price cannot be beat.

    Thank you for your wonderful code package.

    R. H.

  • The new version of PageFlip works fine, although I’ve yet to look into tweaking it.
    Some of the commercial “page turn” stuff is a huge rip-off so I’d just like to say how much I appreciate your software.
    A. S.

  • Just wanted to let you know it is all working fine – I am really impressed with the amount of functionality you have managed to cram into this and really easy to mess around with and customise. just wanted to say good job and well done 🙂
    can’t believe you are only charging $12.50 for this!


    L. A.

  • Improved PageFlip was the “missing link” that should turn my website into something better than I originally thought it could be!

    Thanks for your quick reply and your extremely good value-for-money product.

    A. M.

  • I did not know how to share one of my favorite text from R.Feynman, Nobel Prize in Physics, on science spirit when I saw on some web sites the page flip concept.

    Among many offers i have analyzed i have found your solution … for free, which was amazing !!! Your free engine is fine to me but the least I could have done was to purchase your “quite free” improved version.

    Just to say many thanks and happy to meet, even virtually, people like you who are not only interested in making money with their skills but are eager to share their knowledge and passion.

    Thanks again and have a great day.

    M. R.

Feel free to leave a comment and share your positive experience with PixelWit’s Improved PageFlip for Flash.



Adobe Chopping Heads

Current state of affairs at Adobe:

The most relevant quote from Adobe’s financial report:

The Company cited weaker-than-expected demand for its new Creative Suite 4 family of products that began shipping in Q4 in North America and Europe as the main cause for the shortfall in fourth quarter revenue.

So why do you think CS4 isn’t selling? Is it the lack of a decent Undo Button? 😉 Is it the pricing structure? Is it because they’ve lost touch with their users?
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Adobe CS4 Logo Fail?

I wanted to write about the release of Flash CS4 so naturally I went to Adobe’s home page looking for a copy of their new CS4 logo to paste into my article. But much to my surprise, the CS4 logo was nowhere to be found. Various glyphs, runes, icons or elements representing other software applications were liberally scattered throughout Adobe’s site but I couldn’t find a single image with the new CS4 logo.

Is Adobe ashamed of their new logo?

They might be
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Joey Lott Fails to Disappoint

I attended Flash and Flex author Joey Lott’s seminar “How To Architect Flex Applications” (hosted by CPAUG and CPFUG) last Friday and I must admit I wasn’t as disappointed as Mr. Lott promised I would be. Joey Lott assured us that we’d be horribly bored and bewildered by his dry technical presentation and even recommended a brief nap as a sound alternative.

Fortunately I managed to stay awake long enough to learn about the “Agile” software development method. Although this technique is best suited for large projects with a team of developers, some of its principles can still be applied to smaller projects
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