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Flash Scripted Conic Angle Gradient

One of the quirkier aspects of Flash is its lack of a 'conic' gradient fill. The conic gradient has been a mainstay of drawing apps like CorelDraw and Photoshop (where it's called an "Angle Gradient") for ages but Flash still hasn't implemented this basic feature. Go ahead and check... it's not there.

NOTE: This tutorial uses some of the code and concepts from my previous Color Gradient and Circle Drawing tutorials so I highly recommend checking them out for a more in-depth explanation of the following code ...
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Hexadecimal Color Fading Array

A while ago I wrote a Hexadecimal Color Fading Tutorial explaining how to select a single color at any point on a gradient between two specified colors. In that tutorial there was a function which efficiently broke each of the 2 specified colors into their Red, Green and Blue components and then calculated a single new color at a specified point between them.

Here's what the code looks like: ...
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Random Candy Colors

If you saw my recent “Candy Cosmos” post, you may have noticed that the randomly generated colors tend to be rather “vibrant”.


Pure red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow colors appear frequently, while pure black and white colors occur occasionally, and colors near 50% gray tend to be the least common. The bright candy colors are a side effect caused by
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Hexadecimal Color Fading

A while ago, I wrote a Color Fading tutorial for which provided nearly all the functions you’d ever want for fading colors. Did you notice that I said “nearly”? Well, today I’ve added yet another weapon to my color-fading code arsenal called “fadeHex”. The name probably won’t put fear in the hearts of fellow code warriors but it’s a powerful tool none the less. In essence, it lets you specify two colors, then creates a color gradient from the first color to the second and lets you choose a color at any point on that gradient.
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