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Better Feeds Plugin for WordPress

When I talked about customizing the length of your WordPress feed I mentioned that I was using the More Feed Excerpt plugin in an effort to force WordPress to split RSS feeds at the “more” tag.  After talking to the developer of the More Feed Excerpt plugin, George Notaras, I decided to take his advice and give version 1.99 of Ozh’ Better Feed plugin a try.

At that time it would be fair to say the Better Feed plugin was quite rough or “unpolished” at the very least.  All of the features worked but the lack of an administrative interface forced you to dig deep into the PHP code to edit variables and template text.  The plugin included a function to put related Categories in the RSS feed’s footer but I had to cobble together my own function to display a list of related Tags.

BUT… fortunately for you version 2.0 of the Better Feed plugin has just been released and it provides a great new admin interface and a Related Tags feature
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Comment Policy, Do You Need One?

After writing 2 posts about the Ajax Edit Comments WordPress plugin, and receiving an e-mail from a reader who was wondering why I was editing comments, I thought it was salient point in time to develop a comment policy for But where should I begin?

The first thing I did was read a bunch of articles about blog comment policies like:

Then I ‘perused’ (the literal sense of the word, look it up if you must) approximately a dozen comment policy examples like these
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