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Not a Calendar, Planner, Diary or Timeline

The “Time Lion” is not a calendar, planner, diary or timeline. In fact it’s hardly useful at all. Sure, in the past I’ve used it to track time spent on client projects and I’ve even used it to track my diet and medications once or twice but I still haven’t found many other uses for it.

The “Time Lion” attempts to visualize Time and let you interact with events in said time through a unique Flash interface. In a sense, it gives you relatively quick access to 10,000 years of events
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Flash ActionScript Date Suffix Code

I’ve become fairly familiar with the Flash Date object and thought I’d share some handy code showing how to append the proper suffix to a date or any other number. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, a “number suffix” or “ordinal indicator” is the string of letters that follows a number to help make it more human readable. For example the number suffix “nd” makes “May 2nd, 2007” a little easier to read than “May 2, 2007”.

Here’s the code I wrote to handle all my numeric and date suffix needs:
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