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Joey Lott Fails to Disappoint

I attended Flash and Flex author Joey Lott’s seminar “How To Architect Flex Applications” (hosted by CPAUG and CPFUG) last Friday and I must admit I wasn’t as disappointed as Mr. Lott promised I would be. Joey Lott assured us that we’d be horribly bored and bewildered by his dry technical presentation and even recommended a brief nap as a sound alternative.

Fortunately I managed to stay awake long enough to learn about the “Agile” software development method. Although this technique is best suited for large projects with a team of developers, some of its principles can still be applied to smaller projects
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FlexBuilder 3: The First Thing You See

After experiencing some minor FlexBuilder 3 installation troubles (my fault) I finally got a little time to fire-up FlexBuilder and check it out.

My first impression was that it looked pretty slick, the layout seemed coherent and I wasn’t seeing loads of useless screen space. That’s good. I poked around a little, plopped some components on the stage, toggled between Design and Code view to see how one affected the other, and generally clicked on any tab or panel I could find. Neato.

After letting my mouse roam all over FlexBuilder 3 like a teenager’s hands on a prom date I decided to try a slightly more refined approach to getting acquainted
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Flex Builder 3 First Impression

If you read my previous article Flex 3 Released you’d know that I was lucky enough to win a free copy of Flex Builder 3 at the February CPAUG meeting. I’m not sure why, but Adobe chose to send a boxed version of Flex Builder to all of the winners rather than e-mailing them a key-code for a downloaded copy. Oh well, that’s okay by me, I’m not really in a rush to try Flex and I wouldn’t mind having an installation disc around ‘just in case’ I ever need it.

After a couple weeks, my prize from Adobe finally arrived via Fed-Ex. I promptly stripped it from it’s bubble-wrapped confines and marveled at its splendor. Safely nestled within the Fed-Ex package was a shiny white box which contained another more cleverly shaped box which held yet another plastic box. Ooooo (pronounced the way you’d say it if you were watching a fireworks display) this was SO worth the wait!
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Flex 3 Released

I attended the CPAUG meeting last night to hear about the newly released Flex 3.

Here’s what I learned:

  • I got a free notepad and pen.
  • I got a free T-shirt.
  • I got another free T-shirt.
  • I won a free poster.
  • I won a free copy of Flex.
  • No matter how long you talk about Flex, all I will learn is that I got free stuff.

What does this mean to you?
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