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Spiralling Circles

A series of images created by placing graduated circles along a spiral path.



Checkered Checks

Tantalizing Tendrils

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Eels to Urchins

Screen captures of the 'Eels to Urchins' Flash game.

Spiral Swatches

Three random colors form a spiraling gradient.

Squeegee 2

Images created with Flash by dragging an oscillating gradient along semicircular paths.

Three Amigos

Three characters, each similar but still very different.


Arcs of color curl and swirl.


Graduated circles arranged in spiral patterns.

Checkered Checks

Overlapping straight lines create intricate patterns.


Colored circles collide.

Tantalizing Tendrils

A tapered tendril wends its way through a variety of iterations.

Image Gallery Plugin Recommendation

As a follow up to my previous post WordPress Image Gallery Gotchas I thought I’d let you know what image gallery software I’m currently using. As you may recall, I tried combining Gallery2 (a full featured open source image gallery) with WPG2 (a WordPress plugin to place Gallery2 inside your blog) but I didn’t have much success so I began reconsidering my options.

I went to the WordPress Plugins page, then went to the Images Plugins section and browsed through all their offerings. Here’s my list of top contenders and my impression of each one:
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