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Top Adobe Flash Complaints

What bothers you the most about Adobe Flash? What’s your biggest gripe? Take the poll below and select up to 10 of your most annoying Flash issues.

What are your Top Adobe Flash Complaints?

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Adobe: Bait ‘n Wait

Before I tell you why Adobe sucks so hard, envision this scenario…

Somebody’s birthday party is fast approaching and you need to get a present before the day ends. This particular somebody happens to like jewelry so, as common sense would have it, you go to a jewelry store to buy a nice gift. Inside the store you see many great products on display. You’re free to take them out and try them on but of course you have to give them back if you’re not going to buy them. After a little browsing, you find the perfect gift. You might think your shopping experience is about to come to a delightful conclusion but unfortunately you’re troubles are just getting started.

You tell the clerk behind the counter that you’ve found the perfect gift and that you’re ready to conclude the transaction. You point to the jewelry behind the glass
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CPAUG – Nov 08 Links

Here are some links related to the Nov. 08 CPAUG meeting:

Physics for Flash:

Flash Games Using 2D Physics:

Other Fun Flash Games:

Hope you find it handy.

Better Feeds Plugin for WordPress

When I talked about customizing the length of your WordPress feed I mentioned that I was using the More Feed Excerpt plugin in an effort to force WordPress to split RSS feeds at the “more” tag.  After talking to the developer of the More Feed Excerpt plugin, George Notaras, I decided to take his advice and give version 1.99 of Ozh’ Better Feed plugin a try.

At that time it would be fair to say the Better Feed plugin was quite rough or “unpolished” at the very least.  All of the features worked but the lack of an administrative interface forced you to dig deep into the PHP code to edit variables and template text.  The plugin included a function to put related Categories in the RSS feed’s footer but I had to cobble together my own function to display a list of related Tags.

BUT… fortunately for you version 2.0 of the Better Feed plugin has just been released and it provides a great new admin interface and a Related Tags feature
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Going Mobile

Believe it or not, I’m a fairly low-tech guy who doesn’t even own a laptop or a cell phone, but I’m looking to change all of that and I need your help.  I’d like to get some new portable electronic equipment so I can access the web while on the road.

So far, I think I need:

  • A cell phone.
  • A laptop.
  • A GPS.
  • Maybe a camera for decent still images.
  • Any combination of the above.

Do you love your laptop?  Are you silly for your cell phone?  Gaga for your GPS?  Crazy for your camera?  If you have some recommendations for this Traveling-Tech-Neophyte I’d appreciate any advice you could give.  No insight too small.  Thanks.

Ajax Edit Comments, New Features Added

A few days ago I reviewed Ajax Edit Comments for WordPress and I really liked what I saw. Since that time the plugin developer Ronald Huereca has stopped by, listened to what people had to say, left a comment explaining his choices, and then promptly released his next version for evaluation. The new Ajax Edit Comments 2.1 Pre-Release Candidate is out and ready to be tested.

If you’re a WordPress blogger, I highly recommend installing this plugin to ease and simplify comment editing for both site administrators and site visitors. Plus if you try AEC RC 2.1 right now, there’s a pretty good chance that your reasonable feature request will make it into the next version of the plugin.

Give it a try, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Ajax Edit Comments, WordPress Plugin Review

I recently installed the WordPress Ajax Edit Comments plugin and I have to tell you that I’m quite impressed with Ronald Huereca’s work. The Ajax Edit Comments (AEC) plugin makes editing comments super simple for site visitors and administrators.

Setting up the AEC plugin is a breeze thanks to a clean administration interface featuring a wide variety of well explained options. Once installed, WordPress administrators who log into the Comments Administration section will see a new “Edit” link next to every comment (red highlight added for emphasis):

Ajax Edit Comments Admin Interface

Pressing the “Edit” link brings up an Ajax window like the one below:
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