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Intelligent Youth on the Rise

It’s a rare occasion, but every now and then I actually pay attention to what’s happening on this blog. It was during one of these moments of heightened awareness that I noticed a recent trackback from a young whippersnapper (he ~claims~ to only be 16) linking to my Text Link Ads Needs Improvement article. With my curiosity piqued, I decided to visit his site and see what Mr. William Montanaro had to say about TLA.

I must admit I was quite impressed with what I saw
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Text Link Ads Marginally Improved

Shortly after writing my previous article Text Link Ads Needs Improvement which documents my poor experience with Text Link Ads (TLA) I received a generic e-mail from them which explained that, as a current member of TLA, I was invited to try their new ad program. A new ad program? I guess they thought they were doing so well that it was time to branch out and repeat their failures in new markets.

Anyway, the thing I found most interesting about the e-mail from TLA was that it was signed by the president of TLA himself AND it listed his e-mail address. Hmmm… maybe the President would like to hear about my less than stellar experience with his company. So I wrote him a letter
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Text Link Ads Needs Improvement

I’ve been trying to get Text Link Ads working on my site on-and-off for the past few days now and I’m ashamed to admit that it hasn’t gone well. Why ashamed? Well it seems so easy when I watch blogging pros like Darren Rowse of and Aaron Brazzell from B5 Media describe their TLA experience in a video on the TLA Publishers front page. And the TLA site itself looks so simple that a toddler should be able to use it… yet I keep failing. Damn You Public Education!

Here’s some background
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