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ScratchBack TopSpots Review

I signed up for the ScratchBack TopSpots program a while back to see what it was all about and this is what I learned.

ScratchBack Service Summary: The TopSpots widget provides a place for your site’s visitors to easily publish their links in exchange for “tips” that they leave in your PayPal account. You can read the ScratchBack FAQ for more detailed information. Of course this simple out-of-the-box functionality comes at a price but fortunately ScratchBack is only charging a very reasonable10% commission for all tips generated through its service. This percentage will increase once the program leaves the Beta testing stage but hopefully they won’t go overboard.

My ScratchBack Experience: Nearly all information regarding setup and installation is easy to follow and find. I only encountered one stumbling block but unfortunately it was a rather large one
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Using WordPress Tags

I’ve implemented the new WordPress tagging feature and I think I like the results. You can see my current tags in the lower right corner of the sidebar (oddly enough, it’s the widget titled “Tags”). Did you notice that I said “tag list” rather than “tag cloud”? No? Not really paying attention? Just sort of reading words without attaching any meaning to them? Kind of letting your mind wander? Blah blah blah, words words words… Who has the time to pay attention? I can empathize. You need information and you need it fast.

Which is where the tags list comes in
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Text Link Ads Marginally Improved

Shortly after writing my previous article Text Link Ads Needs Improvement which documents my poor experience with Text Link Ads (TLA) I received a generic e-mail from them which explained that, as a current member of TLA, I was invited to try their new ad program. A new ad program? I guess they thought they were doing so well that it was time to branch out and repeat their failures in new markets.

Anyway, the thing I found most interesting about the e-mail from TLA was that it was signed by the president of TLA himself AND it listed his e-mail address. Hmmm… maybe the President would like to hear about my less than stellar experience with his company. So I wrote him a letter
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Text Link Ads Needs Improvement

I’ve been trying to get Text Link Ads working on my site on-and-off for the past few days now and I’m ashamed to admit that it hasn’t gone well. Why ashamed? Well it seems so easy when I watch blogging pros like Darren Rowse of and Aaron Brazzell from B5 Media describe their TLA experience in a video on the TLA Publishers front page. And the TLA site itself looks so simple that a toddler should be able to use it… yet I keep failing. Damn You Public Education!

Here’s some background
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WordPress Plugin Recommendation (June)

It’s been a while since my last WordPress Plugin Recommendation so I thought I’d let you know how much of a “Plugin Ho” I’ve become since then. I’m currently using 32 WordPress plugins! Sure, it seems like a lot when you put an exclamation mark at the end, but I need each ‘n every one of ’em I tells ya, honest. In fact, I have so many plugins that I need a plugin to help me review them all. Here’s my list of currently installed plugins, each accompanied by a brief review:
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