Adding Pages to PageFlip (Walkthrough)

This walkthrough demonstrates how to add pages to the Flash PageFlip. Use the controls at the bottom to navigate through the presentation.

You can also follow along with the written PageFlip tutorial.

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5 Responses to “Adding Pages to PageFlip (Walkthrough)”

  1. Xavier Salinas says:

    How do add images to a page? Image I drag into each page never appear when I test the movie. Thanks.

  2. Julie says:

    I followed your written and video instructions exactly, but I get error message ‘A ‘with’ action failed too. Please advise.

  3. Diana Don says:

    I still have the error message ‘A ‘with’ action failed….why is that?

  4. Thomas Lawson says:

    What is that program you are using to do that??

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