Change PageFlip Page Color

As with all PageFlip tutorials, I recommend downloading the most recent version of the free PageFlip file and following along.

You can watch a video walk-through illustrating every detail of this “Change PageFlip Page Color” tutorial.

  1. Open the file.
  2. Drag the Timeline indicator to frame #11.
  3. The small cross in the middle of the stage is the Pages movieclip.
  4. Double-click the Pages movieclip to begin editing it.
  5. In the Timeline, select the first frame of the Actions layer.
  6. Open the Actions panel (Menu>Window>Actions).
  7. Go to line #20 in the Actions panel.
  8. Change the “pageColor” variable as needed. For example:
    • White: var pageColor = 0xFFFFFF;
    • Gray: var pageColor = 0x808080;
    • Black: var pageColor = 0x000000;
  9. Test the movie (ctrl:entr).
  10. Save your changes if you like the new page color.

That should do it. Be sure to check the PageFlip Help section if you have any other questions.

5 Responses to “Change PageFlip Page Color”

  1. Siobhan says:

    Hi im a student and im currently editing one of your versions of the pageflip book. I have understand the programmin of the book fairly well but i would like some assistance with regards to the colours of the pages. whenever i change the colours of the pages it changes the whole book. I would like to be able to change each indevidual page without altering the rest of the book. Is there a way you can do that?..

  2. Fabio says:

    Hi Sean, i´m doing a portfolio in which i have to show the work i did at my Cooking course and the PageFlip is what i was looking for but i want to not only change the background color but put an image with a texture i made in Photoshop.
    How can i do that?

    How can i also insert text and images in a single page?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  3. AsimpleMan says:

    Hi mister PixelWit. I’m sure it’s possible to have a transparency on a part of a page so you can see the next one, but I can’t find it. I’ve tried to set the color page on “transparent”, I’ve changed the alfa of the “beginFill” function, but it’s not working.
    Thx anyway for your great code.

  4. Pixelwit says:

    @Zahra, You can use any color you’d like, Flash’s color picker displays the “hexadecimal” value for the current color. You can read the tutorial explaining how to change page size to learn how to set up a page guide.

  5. Zahra says:

    Hi, could i know which colour channel is used for the pages, so that i could change it to any colour i want!
    and is there anyway i could see the outline of the pages so that i could position the images and header properly looking at the top of the page.


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