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This page is for people with technical questions about the PageFlip effect code which I wrote back in 2002. I probably won’t be answering questions very frequently but I encourage everyone to use the Comments area to help each other out.

Download PixelWit’s Free PageFlip: If you don’t have the free version yet, you can click here to download PixelWit’s Free PageFlip Flash file.

NEW! StarImproved PageFlip Now Available: Improved version of the PageFlip implements the most commonly requested features.

Adding Pages: If you want to know how to add more pages or why you get an error saying, “a ‘with’ action failed…”, you can read the tutorial explaining how to add pages.

Resizing Pages: If you want to know how to change the size of the book you can read the tutorial explaining how to resize the pages.

Resizing the Stage and Moving the Book: If you’d like to change the size of the stage and move the book you can read this tutorial explaining how to resize the stage and reposition the PageFlip book.

Transforming the Book: If you want to know how to scale or rotate the book you can read this tutorial explaining how to transform the PageFlip.

Publishing to Newer SWF Versions: If you would like to publish the PageFlip SWF for the version 7.0 Player (or higher) you will need to make a few minor corrections to the file. You can read the tutorial explaining how to publish the PageFlip file to newer versions of the SWF Player.

Changing the Background: If you’re having trouble changing the background color of the PageFlip file, then this brief PageFlip Background Color Tutorial will help you out.

Changing Page Color: If you’d like to change the color of the PageFlip “pages” or “paper”, then this PageFlip Page Color Tutorial will get you headed in the right direction.

Changing the Shadow Gradient: If you’d like to change the shadows that help give the pages a “3D” look, then this PageFlip Shadow Gradient Tutorial should help you tweak the settings.

Multiple PageFlips: If you’d like to place more than one book in a Flash file, then this Multiple PageFlips Tutorial will show you the way.

Start PageFLip Book in Open Position: If you’d like the PageFlip book to start in an open position with 2 pages showing, this tutorial will explain how to Open the PageFlip to Other Pages.

Convert to Read from Right to Left: If you’d like the Page Flipping book to read from right to left, this simple tutorial will explain how to Convert the Page Flip to Read Right to Left.

Why It’s Free: If you want to know why I gave this code away, you can read Something About Sluggy.

Flip History: If you want to know more about various Flash page flip effects you can read the PageFlip page.

Personalized Service: If you need immediate support you can contract my services for a fee. Please Contact Me with specific details regarding your request as well as your budgetary limitations and I’ll be sure to consider your offer.

261 Responses to “Page Flip Help”

  1. geet says:

    Sir, this is great thing for all of us, can u please put the zoom tool/effect also in this book

  2. Stephen says:


    Thank you for putting your mastery and skills in the creation of this book for us. It’s truly appreciated!

    Is there any way I could insert native (de-compiled) mp3 flash files in the flip book flash document? I’d like it to be where when you open the book, there’s a play button that you can click on a specific page that follows with an mp3 clip being played. I’ve tried to plug a flash de-compiled mp3 player in with it’s action script and whatnot, but no luck.

    Anyone know a sound solution? If I figure it out before anyone else here does, I’ll post the solution I came up with.

  3. Richard says:

    Hi Pixelwit

    brilliant page turn, I purchased the improved and it does all I want, one small issue though

    I have added flash swf content to some pages, and when i hover over the page curl to go to next page – it reloads the flash over again, I guess this is happening with all pages, but just shows up with the flash.
    how can I stop this?

  4. artur says:

    Hello, thanks it open my mind for action script, I am taking the base to do my own Page Flip on flash but I have some doubts.

    I create a new function that will do all the flip, so now i can’t drag it anymore but I still need to click in a button to do the page flip.
    Is there a way to set a time and the page flip alone, i tried to use setTimeot, setInterval but no sucess.

    Brazilians thanks, and keep with the greate work.

  5. Nicabar says:

    Amazing product. Exactly what I am looking for. I am trying to put some children books together. Using Page Flip (free version). Is it possible to make a button that turns the page with only a click?

    Thank you for this.

    • artur says:

      this lines maybe can help, the coments are in português(BR)
      this new lines were not all edited by me, so keep trying, I hope it help you.

      for the flip use || makeAllAction(1); ||

      function pageInit(cp, d) {
      flipPage = cp;
      dir = d;

      //oculta os botões
      RButton._alpha = 0;
      LButton._alpha = 0;


      var controlTransection = 0.1;//controla a transição da página, vai de 0.1 até 1 (1=100% da página virada)
      function flipAnimate() {
      if(controlTransection == 1 || controlTransection>= 1.0){
      controlTransection = 1.0;
      pageRatio = controlTransection;//caso a velocidade seja aumentada ou diminuida, garante que não teremos problemas
      controlTransection = 0.1;
      curPage += 2*dir;
      pageRatio = controlTransection;
      controlTransection = controlTransection + 0.07;// 0.1 controla a velocidade com que a página será virada

      //Faz toda a animação do pageFlip
      function makeAllAction(dir){// reto0rna true quando terminou a animação
      pageInit(curPage+dir, dir);
      startX = dir*pageWi;
      RButton._alpha = 0;
      Lbutton._alpha = 0;

      this.onEnterFrame = function() {
      //onEnterFrame deixa a função flipAnimate em loop e atualiza a animação a cada ciclo.
      // se colocar simplemente substituí-lo por um for não vai funcionar.

      function flipDone() {
      this.onEnterFrame = null;
      if (curPage != .5) {
      LButton._visible = 1;
      if (curPage != maxPages+.5) {
      RButton._visible = 1;
      // Delete hidden pages to save resources
      if (pageRatio == 0) {
      if (dir == 1) {
      } else {
      } else {
      if (dir == -1) {
      } else {

  6. rem says:

    How to add images on the page with lightbox effect?

  7. Linda says:

    Thank you so much, it really helps! Thank you!

  8. ted says:

    very goooooooooooood

  9. laure says:


    Je voudrais faire une sorte de livre avec un pdf de 40 pages à mettre sur mon porfolio. Mais impossible de trouver quelque chose. Avez vous une idée?


  10. Caitlyn says:

    This is really great. But do you have a straight start to finish walkthrough? I’m having a really difficult time trying to figure out what to do first.

  11. yusuf says:

    tesekkürler 🙂

  12. paulie says:

    Hallo Sean….
    I,ve just purchased your improved clip version….awesome and wicked sparkling…..but I got a one question for you…. Please give me some tips….I’d like to customize it as a AC-3….unfortunately I found AC-3 as a slightly different scripting…How to sort it out ??/ what would you do recommend ??
    thanks for AC-2 version anyway…

  13. Jakob says:

    thanks for the great flash book!
    I’d be glad if you could answer my question:
    How can I enlargen the area in which the mouse can flip the page? I want to add pages that have not perfect squared corners. Thanks in advance for your answers!

    • Pixelwit says:

      You’re welcome!

      Open the file in Flash.
      Open the library panel.
      Open the Book folder.
      Open the buttons Folder.
      Double-click the Corner Button icon to edit it.
      Go to the Hit frame in the timeline.
      Resize the box to the desired size while keeping the the bottom right corner aligned to the center of the stage.
      In your case you might want the box to move down and to the right a bit so it hangs over the page edges a little.

      Hope it helps.

      • Jakob says:

        I’m not sure I am doing it right.
        Right now I am only editing the arrow.
        Is there a chance you can edit the size of the mouse-over area?

        • Pixelwit says:

          “Go to the HIT frame in the timeline.”

          You are currently editing the UP, OVER or DOWN state of the button. You need to drag the red frame selector in the timeline to the right to reveal the HIT frame. Then edit the box as described.

  14. Basma Khalil says:

    Please, I want to add sound but I don’t know how. I want to add narration while the text appears in the book & I want to add paper sound effect too.

    thanks in advance

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